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    Where to start…from a truly extra-ordinary artist manager/mentor, producer and former promoter, to an A&R visionary, charismatic philanthropist and gifted legal mind, Ash Pournouri has combined his incredible natural business acumen and flair with non-stop travail and endless exertion to fast become one of the most formidable personalities in the music industry...and he’s only just turned 30.

    With a masters degree in law already securely under his belt, Ash commenced his crossing into music as a knowledgeable, cocky, hard-nosed promoter in Sweden’s capital, the place where so much musical talent originates these days – Stockholm. Making special acquaintances and building strong relationships with the biggest names in the electronic scene at the time, Ash quickly assembled the necessary foundations for a lengthy and prolific innings in music. But unbeknownst to everybody but his self-assured own, Ash was well on his way to seriously dizzying career heights – soon enough he would trade in his promoting apron for a shot at management and the big time; and what a move that’s proven to be…

    In 2008, Ash spotted the then-18 year old Tim Bergling on a humble online portal (funny how these things start isn’t it) and instigated an immediate get-together. Sure enough, Tim was signed to ‘At Night’ – Pounouri’s management agency – and everything fell into place. Exercising the knowledge, experience and friendships acquired throughout his club promoting days, coupled with his strong legal grasp and unrivalled foolhardy ambition, Pournouri has single handedly sculpted and nurtured the teenager into one of the most in demand and hyped artists of our time – AVICII.

    Now aged a mere 22, the boyish Swede – under Ash’s scrupulous guidance – has stockpiled greater success than 99.9% of artists could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime. With a plethora of chart-topping singles including the current global obsession that is Levels, Ash has cultivated Tim from a modest bedroom producer into an international megastar in just a matter of years. Reaching #6 in the ‘DJ Mag Top 100’ 2011 poll, and performing live to literally millions of fans every year, Avicii already sits comfortably with just a handful of the most in-demand and elite DJs on the planet. These accomplishments – Avicii himself openly admits – would never had been realized without “the man with the master plan” – Ash Pournouri.

    As proved with the now-superstar, Ash’s A&R prowess and ability to hone in on raw talent is what truly separates him from the pack. Rest assured, Avicii was no fluke. With his next management brainchild project – dubstep duo Cazzette – already in full swing and taking the blogosphere by storm, Ash is proving once again that his fingers are firmly on the pulse of an industry that has yet to realize its enormity. Cazzette will be the next success story from the Pournouri stable.

    2012 sees Ash take on his most impressive project to date – House for Hunger. A not-for-profit charity tour comprising 25 Avicii dates across the United States, At Night Management and Ash Alliance are teaming up with Feeding America, to raise a staggering $1million to combat the increasingly critical and poignant issue of hunger in the states, and in doing so to educate people about what their (Avicii and Ash) music is all about – “love, unity and happiness”.


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